What I built last week

Yes, I’m still here :)

It has been hard for me this past month. Sometimes it takes a ton of effort for me to clean the kitchen!

Last week I cleaned the garage in efforts to get myself out there building again.

The desk

I had promised my little one that I would build her a desk for Christmas. Well, Christmas came and went. Then her birthday rolled around in the beginning of January. I again promised to build her a desk.

For some reason I just couldn’t get myself going. I just feel lost and sad without my baby and that is really the only excuse I can come up with.

When my little one told me that her report card was coming home the next day I knew I had to build her desk! She always comes home with A’s and I felt like I just kept letting her down every time she would ask about her desk. A disappointed face from your baby is all you need to light a fire under your butt! So, off to the garage I went. At least it was clean :)

We had researched desks moths ago and she wanted this one


I altered the dimensions to fit what she needed and made the top one piece. I’m wanting to install drawers instead of using baskets. I made one drawer and I’m working on the others.


Isn’t this just typical of a little girls desk? All the lotions and jewelry organized perfectly on top of the desk. It would drive me nuts but she loves to see her stuff all in a row. Makes me smile

After I finished the desk I felt like I should keep going. Keep the momentum up as long as possible.

Floating Shelves

I’ve been wanting to do floating shelves in my kitchen, although I don’t have much room in there. Do any of you remember the floating shelves I did in my friend’s house? Here they are…


I really love how it changed the look of her whole kitchen. After I did these shelves I wanted to do some in my home but never got around to it.

Since I had the extra wood after building the desk I figured this was the best time. I found these on ana white. I had used this plan when I did Olivia’s floating shelves. Because I learned some lessons after Olivia’s shelves I changed mine up a bit.


Instead of building everything first I built the brace first, attached it to the wall and then built the shelf around it. Much easier!

First I built two of these supports. These are just 2×2’s

photo 1

After the supports were screwed into the studs on the wall I built the shelves around it.

photo 2

photo 3

Even though I really don’t like the color of our cabinets I stained the shelves the same color. It actually matches perfectly.

After I was done with the shelves I still had some scrap pieces I wanted to use.

Another Pottery Barn Knockoff

I’m always checking out Pottery Barn for little things I can duplicate. I found this


Of course I knew I could whip that up without paying $35. So I did


What’s next?

I want to build some side dressers for our bedroom but it looks like they might be a bit expensive to make. Those will have to wait a bit.

I was asked to re-finish a piece for my friend who owns C&J’s Antiques in Gilbert. I will be working on that this week

So that is about it for now. I hope your week is filled with happiness!


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2 Responses to What I built last week

  1. Corinna January 28, 2014 at 11:49 #

    Oh my gosh! I love those projects and I love that you just “whipped” them out. :) Nice job. I hope that you have a fantastic week filled with smiles.

    • providentialdesign@gmail.com January 29, 2014 at 15:42 #

      Thank you so much! Glad you liked them :)

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